Season 1: The dream materializes

… and becomes a project: the building permit is drawn up and submitted…

In July 1999, we made our first entry into the lands on which we were to establish our Study and Reflection Park, and facing the cleared open space at the back of the buildings, we murmured: “Here will arise our Hall!”

It wasn’t until 2018 that the PLU (Local Planning Scheme) was amended.

We then immediately began work to study the feasibility and constraints for obtaining a building permit on this originally agricultural land. As such, it is a green island, with tall trees proudly standing in the middle of open, farmed fields.

After meetings, pre-studies, and disagreements over interpretation, we consulted the Greuzat agency, which drafted the PLU, and they confirmed the legal feasibility of our project.

We first had to find our architect, one who would work carefully and skilfully but also accept that all our decisions would be taken collectively (and therefore require a little more time). Mrs Cordier will be our architect and our guide in putting together the file and presenting the project to the institutions.

Finally, the long but careful process of drawing up the building permit began.

After two years of administrative tribulations… and the epic signing of all the pages to be initialed (in 11 copies!), on September 4, 2020, we officially submitted our application for a building permit.